Friday, October 1, 2010

Out of retirement

Okay, I did something today that I'm kinda excited about, so I figured I would post it here for anyone who still checks in with me to see. Ta-da:

See that cute ladybug skirt? I MADE it. *I know.* Crazy, huh? I originally saw this skirt on this blog. I've never met the author, but I really admire her sewing skills and she makes lots of cute things. When I saw the free pattern for the skirt here, I decided I had to give it a shot.
I want to teach Hannah how to sew a little and this skirt is the perfect project for her. We went to the fabric store together and she had a great time picking out fabric and ribbon. But before we started, I decided I needed to give the pattern a test run. It took about an hour and a half and Rachel was pretty excited to put it on and wear it. It was fairly easy, even for an amateur like me and the possibilities with this skirt are endless. I want to try corderoy next. Anyway, let me know if you try this pattern and what you think.
Also, happy birthday to Delos and Misty today!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Hannah's Day

(Hannah and cousin Alex at Colonial Williamsburg last spring).

Today is Hannah's 9th birthday. When I think back over the past year, it has gone so fast. Seems like we were just getting her ready for her baptism and confirmation and suddenly, a whole year has gone by. We had no idea then, NO IDEA, that we would move to Austin and now we've been here 7 months already.

Last night before bed, I told Hannah the story about going into labor with her (she's the only baby I wasn't induced with) and about her delivery and my first hours and days as her mother. I got teary eyed remembering the feelings I had then, 9 whole years ago. We'd been praying for a baby for several years and she felt like a complete miracle to me.

Hannah is still a miracle and a blessing in our family. She is so smart and talented and helpful and funny and we wouldn't be the same without her. I'm so glad our prayers were answered 9 years with our little Hannahbird.

Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Winter in Austin

When we left church at 2:00 pm on Sunday afternoon, it was beautiful outside - sunny and about 75 degrees. When we got home, I opened all the windows so we could enjoy the sunshine and breeze. It totally felt like Spring was on the way. And today, less than 48 hours later, this:

Excluding our trip to Utah for the holidays, this is the most snow my kids have seen in years. The most we've had since we moved to Texas over 4 years ago. Oh well, I guess Spring will get here eventually.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Something to read...

(Have any of you read this yet? Good? No?)

I am really, really desperate for some good reads. My mom had several Dick Francis books that I haven't read yet, but I forgot to steal them from her shelf before we left Utah. *sigh*

If you have any suggestions, let me know. I'm headed to the library this weekend.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Dear Eric

What a year it has been! I'm so excited that Eric is turning 1 today (and a little bit sad too). Plus, his day is extra-special because he shares his birthday with one of my favorite people ever: my sister Ellen.

So today I'm thinking about one year ago and how frustrated and sad I was when I couldn't be induced on the 21st since the hospital was so full. (Believe me, anyone who has been there understands, it was the ultimate devestation to hear that morning). And how great my two friends were to go with me to lunch (fish tacos from Fish City!) to console me. And I'm thinking about my insane power-walk the next day at CJ's work to put myself into labor and the relief when we got the the hospital and they admitted me and my contractions didn't stop (for once)! And I'm thinking about the moments after Eric was born and how all the nurses kept talking about what a beautiful baby he was and I agreed. And I'm thinking about all the sleepless nights since then and all the things we've done together as a family. And I'm so glad Eric came to ours.
Happy Birthday Ricky-Rick!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Look who's walking...

My little baby is growing up! Eric started walking this week and while it IS adorable, he is also getting into everything and making messes everywhere he goes.
Can you believe he'll turn one on Friday? Neither can I. This past year has gone SO fast and my heart is breaking that he's so big already. But, it's exciting to see him growing up too.